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Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder are free for students and instructors around the world

Analytics for every student, educator, and campus


Students around the world get Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder for free.
  • Learn valuable, in-demand data skills
  • Complete coursework faster
  • Impress future employers


Incorporate visual analytics into your curriculum - fast, free, easy.
  • Teach marketable data skills
  • Simple license request process
  • Free teaching materials and support community


Unlock the power of institutional data for meaningful insights.
  • Drive informed decision-making across campus
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Education pricing available

Being proficient in Tableau will give you a competitive edge to your fellow peers and will give you another tool that makes you more marketable when searching for internships or full time employment.

I want students to know you can teach yourself Tableau. I was an Economics major at Michigan State and personally didn’t learn Tableau in the classroom, but I also knew that what you learn in class and what’s valuable in a professional setting can be very different!

What's Offered for Free?

Student License Instructor License Classroom License*
Tableau Desktop
Tableau Prep Builder
Tableau Online
Tableau Certification (Discounted)

*Classroom licenses and certifications can be ordered in bulk by instructors.

Data skills stand out with Tableau Certification. 20% off discount available to students until December 31, 2019.